Learn Build Earn Review

Hey, my name is Nisha Garg and here I am with a Learn Build Earn Review. This is the only review which gives you a detailed walkthrough of the members’ area and the features LBE 2017 version has.

Learn Build Earn, created by Mark Ling and John Rhodes, is world’s most comprehensive training system for profiting from information products. It teaches you everything from the basics to selling high-ticket programs.

Update: Learn Build Earn is now closed!

Learn Build Earn is an e-learning course that teaches you all about digital information product creation! It was initially launched in 2016 and now being re-launched on June 20, 2017, with updated videos explaining latest trends.

In this course, you will learn how to select a niche you are passionate about, create an information product, and start earning an income through your own online business.

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What’s Inside Learn Build Earn course?

 There are 14 Modules and 69 lessons in this course.

Each module is designed for you to go through at your own pace.

There are live Q and A sessions with the coaches each week. All of the Q and A sessions are recorded and uploaded to the members’ area.

Module 1 – Profit Funnels, Niches, and Influence
Module 2 – Creating Products That SELL
Module 3 – Chapter Outlines
Module 4 – Sales Pages and Mini Mechanisms
Module 5 – Creating GREAT Bonuses
Module 6 – Creating Graphics
Module 7 – Story Component of Sales copy
Module 8 – Email Marketing & Writing Tips
Module 9 – Set up your website & Install WordPress
Module 10 – Quality Content and Outsourcing Tasks
Module 11 – Improving Members & Affiliates Area
Module 12 – Facebook, Email Lists & Continuity
Module 13 – YouTube Organic Traffic
Module 14 – Hurricane Method & Finding Affiliates

A Detailed Walk-through of the MEMBERS Area (VIDEO)

I got an early bird access to the members’ area, so would not mind sharing it with you 🙂 [recording a video…]

My Honest Learn Build Earn Review

 I completely believe in the strategy to sell your own information product(s) and make enormous income from it.

With so many years of knowledge, I never ever thought that gathering my learning and thoughts into a product would generate me a massive income.

I already created an information product on “Video Marketing” in 2016 and now I am on my way to launch my another product on “Affiliate Review Instruments” (expected launch next month, isn’t it exciting?

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Here are few common questions that come to our mind when investing in this course:

What do you receive?

When you enroll in Learn Build Earn, you will receive direct access to all the course content, exclusive members forum, and live Q & A sessions with the coaches.

  • LBE Digital Product Success Secrets – 14 Modules: The TOP SECRETS That Show You How To Build a Profitable Business – Even with TONS of Mistakes – Specially made for newbies!
  • LBE Physical Product Bootcamp – 12 Modules: Step-by-step over the shoulder LIVE week by week training, showing you LBE’s model for creating your own physical products based online business – Specially made for newbies!
  • LBE Affiliate Success Bootcamp – 12 Modules: Step-by-step over the shoulder LIVE week by week training, showing you LBE’s model for building a list and driving consistent passive affiliate salesEspecially made for newbies!
  • LBE DONE-FOR-YOU – 30 Extraordinary Bonus Products and 5 High-Value Upsell Products — ALL 100% DONE FOR YOU — Just Use These And RACE To PROFITS!
  • LBE Traffic Mastery Academy – Learn from Mark Ling and FIVE other online millionaires as they share their BEST traffic secrets. SIX incredibly powerful sources of traffic. Use just ONE of these to drive FLOODS of buyer traffic online.
  • LBE Website Creation Software – Purchased and Installed For You. Creates Sales Pages, Optin Pages, Members Areas, Affiliate Pages, Includes Templates and more!
  • LBE Coaching & Community – Monday Night Q & A With Mark. Private Members Support Forum, Get Answers From Mark And His Other Top Students. Email-Based Support Also.

Fast Action Bonuses:

  • Copy Assistant – Makes sales letters, order pages, and email copywriting EASY!
  • DONE-FOR-YOU Continuity Product – Use This As Your Own Continuity Program, Suitable For Many Niches Including Health, Wealth, Relationships, Mindset, Survival and Personal Development.
  • Online Millionaire’s Secret Recorded Private Event – 12 Hugely Successful Online Millionaires — All Revealing Their Top Conversion and Money-Getting Strategies for what they are about to receive and the fast action bonuses.
Is this course for beginners?

Absolutely! As you have read above, Learn Build Earn is designed especially for beginners and students who are just starting out in the digital publishing space.

You do not need to have any prior experience in digital information product creation or internet marketing to be successful with this course.

How much time is required to participate in this course?

This course is designed for you to go through at your own pace! You receive immediate access to all course content upon enrollment.

It is recommended that you spend as much time as you have towards making this system work and increase your potential to earn a return on your investment.

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Learn Build Earn Bonuses

The World is running around additional bonuses each online program or marketers offer. No matter how things go, everyone wants bonuses! So, here goes my offering as Learn Build Earn version 2017 Bonuses.

Update: Learn Build Earn is now closed!

First, let me list down the FREE bonuses that come with Learn Build Earn membership:

BONUS #1: 100 Diamond Niches List (Value $997)
100 Highest Performing WEIRD Niches. Build one profit-building business after another for MULTIPLE Streams of Income.

BONUS #2: Mark Ling’s Private Invitation List (Value $2,997)
Get unlimited access to our coaches and have all your questions answered LIVE. Attend FREE MILLIONAIRE Webinars and Q&A.

BONUS #3: A Conversion Mastery Event (Value $1,497)
Get up and running on Facebook in DAYS, master siphoning profits from their 1.6 Billion users.

BONUS #4: Hacking Millionaire Bootcamp (Value $2,997)
Mark creates income from thin air – Watch his every step while he builds a business right before your eyes!

BONUS #5: Wealth Mastery Academy (Value $997)
Discover how Advanced Marketers create HUGE product launches and build funnels that pay for 100% of their traffic!

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Now, before I list the learn build earn bonuses I have to offer, let me reveal the extra costs involved to launch your own information product.

  •  A Domain Name: You need a domain name initially to make your product website live.
  • A Hosting Account: In addition to the domain name, you will need a hosting account, to make your website LIVE. Only one hosting account is required to host your unlimited websites.
  • An AutoResponder Account: In order to gather your subscribers and affiliate’s contact information, you will need an autoresponder account which has a monthly recurring charge. All your emails to your list(s), affiliates, and marketers will go through this auto responder account.
  • Content Outsourcing: Once you have your information product finalized, you will need content and copywriter to write your product sales page copy and promotional letters.

Learn Build Earn Bonuses – My Exclusive!

Obviously, bonuses that would help you launch your digital product. No irrelevant or off the topic bonuses!

FREE Domain Name: With the purchase of LBE course from my special link here, you can get a domain name of your choice at NO COST (.com, .org, .net – 1 YEAR).

FREE Hosting Account: No more worrying about hosting your website. Buy the course from my link, and I will give you an hosting account dedicated to you at NO COST for 3 months.

Content worth $200: Let me bring down your investments and help you with content outsourcing. Email me at nisha.coach@gmail.com once your product is ready and need some content to be outsourced. I will get content worth $200 written charging you nothing at all.

Traffic worth $200: You have to confess, traffic is everything. Without traffic, nothing can boost your sales. So, here I give you traffic worth $200 totally FREE, from any traffic source you wish to buy.

What else do you need? I am sure, you are not looking for thousands of dollars bonuses that include eBooks, or PLR content that helps you in NO WAY to succeed 😉

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Who is Mark Ling?

 Online marketing is a domain that needs a lot of expertise, knowledge, and creativity in order to waddle your way through the competitive path of online success.

Many internet marketers reached a respectable success during the past decade, but none really pushed beyond the lucrative expectations of the online marketing industry.

The well-known online marketer, Mark Ling, has proved to have achieved a remarkable marking and affiliate position whose success earns him millions of dollars.

He has developed multiple programs, marketing strategies, and affiliate websites, which leading marketers and beginners now are benefiting from.

At the beginning, Mark was only a passionate marketer who fondled the marketing expertise at its infancy more than a decade ago. Although, when he was still in the college, he had the opportunity to join his friend, Charlie.

 Their online strategies were limited to posters advertisement, and it generated for them only a small income.

However, having had the fiery ambition to succeed, Mark proceeded to hone his skills and dig deeper into the world of online business and marketing.

He was adventurous, curious, and therefore he ventures to experiment with a diverse amount of methods and marketing leads, which then helped him to acquire a vast knowledge of online expertise.

Soon enough, the two partners were able to decrypt the puzzle of how to achieve high ranks in Google. Then, Mark embarked on the journey of websites creation as he tackled a variety of niches, ranging from dating, business, marriage, hairdressing and dogs training.

His income was getting larger as he delved deep into more marketing techniques and strategies.

After accumulating a lot of knowledge, he preoccupied himself more with affiliate programs and business, for he realized the big success that he can achieve through perseverance and systematic approach to this online domain.

He gave his luck an opportunity when he first released one of his old products that are labeled as Traffic Travis.”

 It was an eye-opening experience for Mark because even though the sales were very slow at the beginning, he glimpsed a promising way to success when positive reviews kept coming in, complimenting his helpful techniques.

It was mainly about search engine optimization, the selection of targeted keywords, and websites development.

Over time, he kept updated his knowledge further, and it helped him to come up with more creative ideas for the marketing industry.

Mark Ling’s reputation rose high through his revolutionary approach and creativity until many competitive parties could not catch up with him.

His endeavor made the idea of becoming a marketing mentor so irresistible after a while.

As a result, he proceeded to uncover his methods and marketing techniques to the world through the development of affiliate programs, products courses, and webinars.

 For example, he launched his first affiliate program known as Affiloblueprint, which contained clear guides and goal-oriented instructions to aid passionate marketers to draw their own path to success.

Next, he revealed more of his secrets through the leading industry of marketing program, “Affilorama“.

 This program received a lot of attention from small businesses, for it was a platform that offered a wealth of free tools, live webinars, and blogs for the general marketing public.

In combination with this, Mark knew the importance of selecting a niche, particularly because it constitutes the firm ground for the marketer to earn money in the future.

An ill-chosen niche is a barren soil in which no seeds of ideas or sales will be grown. This is why Mark created the enduring program called as “Affilojetpack“, which was a great source of niche selection teaching and help.

The leading ideas he keeps releasing became the predominant trend in the marketing industry.

The most recent program he provided for the public is “Learn Build Earn” (Update: Learn Build Earn is now closed!).

This is one of the most helpful large programs anyone can benefit from, as he has not only included all the necessary tools, live seminars, and advice for advanced marketers, but he also shaped it as the perfect program for a complete newbie to learn from.

It can help him start from scratch and allow him to adopt Mark’s ingenious method to lead a successful project and, perhaps, quit his job.

Currently, Mark remains a faithful top-notch preacher in the domain of marketing and affiliate program as he continues to deliver more ideas right from his family house in Christchurch New Zealand.

What are Information Products?

Everyone has knowledge or expertise in something or the other. You may have a good knowledge about controlling diabetes, training your dog (or pets), curing a disease or even be bilingual.

Writing an eBook, or creating a mini-course based on your knowledge is what an information product all about.

Let says, you create eBooks or mini-course with audio series, or videos teaching “how to train your dog”, “how to cure acne naturally”, “learn guitar”, “learn Spanish in few days” and so on. All of them lead to an information product.

Now, the question is, how do you make money from information products?

It’s very simple! You create a mini-course or an ebook and sell it online. The sales you make generates income. By income I mean, PASSIVE INCOME.

Here are a few commonly known and created information products:
  • eBooks and Print Books (example, Anik Singal’s Circle of Profit book and Mark Ling’s The Destiny Opportunity eBook)
  • Booklets and special reports
  • Manuals and Workbooks
  • Video Recordings and Audio Series
  • Weekly Webinars (Mark Ling’s upcoming webinar)
  • SubBookstion-based websites
  • Online mini-courses

How to launch your own information product online?