What are Information Products?

Everyone has knowledge or expertise in something or the other. You may have a good knowledge about controlling diabetes, training your dog (or pets), curing a disease or even be bilingual.

Writing an eBook, or creating a mini-course based on your knowledge is what an information product all about.

Let says, you create eBooks or mini-course with audio series, or videos teaching “how to train your dog”, “how to cure acne naturally”, “learn guitar”, “learn Spanish in few days” and so on. All of them lead to an information product.

Now, the question is, how do you make money from information products?

It’s very simple! You create a mini-course or an ebook and sell it online. The sales you make generates income. By income I mean, PASSIVE INCOME.

Here are a few commonly known and created information products:
  • eBooks and Print Books (example, Anik Singal’s Circle of Profit book and Mark Ling’s The Destiny Opportunity eBook)
  • Booklets and special reports
  • Manuals and Workbooks
  • Video Recordings and Audio Series
  • Weekly Webinars (Mark Ling’s upcoming webinar)
  • SubBookstion-based websites
  • Online mini-courses

How to launch your own information product online?